Richard Knopf

How many times have you wanted to retain a marketing professional with vast experience but cannot afford a full-time individual on your staff? We serve small to medium size firms at a fraction of the price. Take a moment to explore what MPS offers you. We also have on our web site a few ideas on networking you can put to work right away.
Richard H. Knopf, AICP, P.P.
Sales and Marketing Consultant


About Marketing Professional Services:

  • Independent Marketing Consultant Richard Knopf established MPS in 1996 and has a 20-year track record serving the highly competitive design and construction market.
  • Today, MPS is your one-stop shop for independent, comprehensive sales and marketing services.
  • We can work with you and your marketing team or BE your marketing team.
  • MPS offers you a diverse 9,000+ client database. Includes healthcare, lending institutions, law firms, manufacturers, owners and developers, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and many more.
  • MPS has strong working and professional relationships with clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.